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The Jiu Jitsu Dummies Podcast was conceived by 48 year old Purple Belt Milton Campis who trains in Coral Springs Florida. The goal was to fill the void left by other Jiu Jitsu podcasts; podcasts that left out the viewpoints of newbies, up and comers, women and older players. Stated clearly by Milton, “As I’ve progressed in my Jiu Jitsu journey, I’ve started to listen to more and more BJJ podcasts. I’ve had some frustration with the standard Jiu Jitsu podcast format that interviews some of the more popular Jiu Jitsu tournament competitors and pioneers of the sport, which is great, but I also wanted to hear people just talkin' Jiu Jitsu like me and my friends when were sitting at a bar having a cold one. I was even more frustrated with podcasts with BJJ or Jiu-Jitsu in their name but very little talk about the sport."


Well, that's all motivation Milton needed. He got with some of his closest friends and training partners and BOOM, within 2 months, the Jiu Jitsu Dummies Podcast was born. The podcast will move forward with the promise to always focus on the sport, hook listeners up with the coolest sponsor swag, and answer the questions that interest our viewers and listeners the most.


Thank you all for listening! OSS!!

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